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A Week of Violent 9-14.12.2018

A Week of Violent in Israel 9 14.12.2018

Civilians, soldiers and a baby were killed. The injured are still hospitalized, and their lives are stillindanger.MDA teamsareonhigh alertdue to the violent incidents occurring in the country.

A murderous shooting attack in Ofra on the eighth day of Hanukkah, amongst the victims: a three-day-old baby. On Sunday, just as many Israelis finished lighting the eighth candle of Chanukah. A festive and joyous evening for many in the country that was mercilessly ended when a Palestinian vehicle approached a bus station in Ofra and began shooting. As a result, six were injured including, Shira, 21, who was in an advanced stage of her pregnancy. Due to her critical condition, the doctors were forced to deliver her baby in an emergency operation whilst she was just 30 weeks pregnant. Shira survived but her baby, named ‘Amiad’, passed away three days later. As of now, the IDF continues its hunt for the terrorist.

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MDA in a Multi-Casualty Incident Drill in Chile

Countries around the world are learning from Israel's national rescue organization.

Drill in Chile1

Last month representatives of the Magen David Adom mission arrived to Santiago, the capital of Chile, in order to hold a joint drill of a multi-casualty incident * MDA Director-General Eli Bin: "I welcome every activity in which people donate their knowledge and experience people are benefit‑ from , in Israel and abroad "

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Instructing the Instructors

First 7 Minutes

This week, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev hosted a professional continuing education seminar for MDA medics and paramedics,during which they trained in mass casualty incidents. Upon completion of the seminar they will be qualified to teach MDA’s unique 7 First Minutes program and will be able to contribute from their experience as lifesavers in communities around the world There is a tremendous feeling of significance when a community comes together to save lives. Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel national EMS organization, has years of experience in treating wounded and managing multiple casualty incidents (MCI).

The “First 7 Minutes” is a unique seminar designed by Magen David Adom to enrich the greater worldwide Jewish community’s knowledge of MCIs, and contribute to saving lives everywhere. Doing so empowers the community and enables them to save lives when needed.

There is no doubt that the new instructors who were accredited will help bring the program to many other communities around the world.

Central Israel Under Rocket Attack 14.03.2019

MDA’s Protected National Operations Center Proves

Its Value Two Weeks After Inauguration

Rocket Attack

MDA’s brand new protected National Operations Center received many calls from civilians who heard the explosions. MDA teams were dispatched to search the scenes.Simultaneously many calls were received in numerous cities of people suffering fromstress symptoms.

They were treated and evacuated to hospitals.This attack comes 2 weeks after the National Operations Center was inaugurated in Kiryat Ono.

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INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR December 1 - 6, 2019

Magen David Adom invites doctors and medical professionals from around the world to take part in five exciting and meaningful days of professional lectures and emergency medical training from some of the world's most experienced first responder medical teams. 

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Join MDA The Red Cross



In 1859, a Swiss man named Henry Dunant traveled to a small town in Italy called Solferino, for a business meeting with Napoleon III (ruler of France at the time). Henry found himself at the scene of a battle that would change the course of history. After witnessing a battlefield full of nameless dead bodies and twice as many wounded soldiers who were left there unattended, Henry decided to do something about it. He arranged a provisional hospital in the nearby village of Castiglione, and with the help of volunteers recruited by him, he provided care, day and night, to the soldiers, regardless of the army in which they served.

After Henry returned home, the things he has seen in Solferino wouldn't leave his mind and he commemorates these in his book, "Un Souvenir de Solferino" ("A Memory of Solferino"). In the book, Henry suggested a revolutionary idea: to establish a neutral organization comprised of volunteers, shared by all the nations in the world, dedicated to providing humane (medical) care without prejudice. The organization would not be subordinate to any country and will operate independently. Henry's book became a best-seller and was translated into many languages. Henry advanced towards the realization of his dream: to establish one unified and universal society for treating the injured: the International Red Cross movement, as we know it today.

In 1864, the first Geneva Conference was held at the initiative of the Government of Switzerland. At that time, 12 nations signed an international convention based on ensuring neutrality of medical staff and adopting a unique emblem; the selected emblem was the Red Cross on a white background - the reverse colors of the flag of Switzerland, as a token of appreciation and recognition for having hosted the Conference. Later on, two more conventions were made, which together with the first convention, represent a solid idea based on seven principles: humanitarianism, neutrality, independence, unity, voluntary service, impartiality and universality.

Magen David Adom is Israel's National Rescue Organization and also the Israeli National Association in the international movement of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent, under the MDA Law (1950).

Magen David Adom was founded in 1930 as a national association with the purpose of providing medical aid to soldiers and supporting the population in times of emergency. Since its establishment, the Organization has been working in accordance with the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross movement. Over the years MDA became Israel's official rescue organization, Israel's leading ambulance service and operator of the national blood bank.

MDA is active in various fields. We provide medical response in emergency situations; provide medical aid to the sick and the injured regardless of religion, race, nationality and gender. In addition, MDA has vast experience in dealing with terrorist attacks, m casualty events and activity in disaster situations in full coordination with all the emergency organizations in Israel.

Today, MDA is one of the world's leading organizations in emergency medicine, in terms of professionalism, technology and human resources. MDA teams are devoted to the life-saving mission and demonstrated determination, humanitarianism and volunteer spirit, occasionally in situations of personal risk and under fire. In addition to our activities as emergency medical organization, we conduct many humanitarian projects in Israel and abroad: food supply; activities involving sick children, the disabled and the elderly; development of medical services throughout the world in collaboration with the best medical personnel; first aid courses for the community; supporting and renovating orphanages and activities in disaster stricken areas.

In 2006, MDA was accepted as a member of the Red Cross Movement. In addition to the Red Shield of David, MDA also adopted the international emblem of Red Crystal. Since joining the Movement, MDA has intensified its involvement in the humanitarian field, through fruitful cooperation with ICRC and Red Crescent societies from all over the world (such as the American Red Cross, the Jordanian Red Crescent, the Haitian Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, to mention but a few).


It's a matter of life


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Ambulance donated at MDA Hazor in the Upper Galilee

Ambulance donated at MDA Hazor in the Upper Galilee

The Swiss Ambassador in Israel, Mr. Pierre-Yves Simonin, and Dan Arnon, Director, Magen David Adom International Department, --next to the Ambulance donated by the MDA Friends in Switzerland, prior to its deployment at MDA Hazor in the Upper Galilee, in front of the Embassy of Switzerland in Tel Aviv. 

26 March 1985

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In den frühen Morgenstunden des 7. Oktober hat die Hamas einen großen Angriff auf Israel gestartet. Tausende Israelis wurden getötet und mehr als 2.500 wurden verletzt.

Wie immer riskieren die Männer und Frauen des Magen David Adom ihr Leben, um das Leben anderer zu retten.

Jetzt, mehr denn je, benötigt MDA Ihre Hilfe.


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