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The First Minutes in Saving Lives Basel, Juli 2015

Their goal was to train volunteers to provide a quick medical response and also, as part of their training, to have them trained as volunteers in MDA’s ambulances in Israel.
As a result, a senior first-aid providers’ course in Switzerland was developed and opened this July; the volunteers were eager to learn the materials and to begin to practice the taught contents.
The training included CPR sessions at different situations and locations; the trainees were requested to practice CPR in the street, in order to reflect the problems that may rise in such situations and to find ways to deal with such problems; training and practice sessions also took place regarding trauma and treatment of patients.

During the training, Paramedic Eliezer Asulin reviewed contents relating to MDA’s importance and to the significance of saving lives. 
The volunteers told the trainer about cases where they were unable to provide medical care during emergencies, a fact that sorrowed the community and was one of the main reasons why they sought to participate in a first-aid course of MDA. In one case, a guest of one volunteer of the course set with him during Friday dinner when all of the sudden, he collapsed and lost consciousness. The volunteer felt absolutely helpless due to the situation and his incapability to help. By the time the first-aid team arrived, his guest was already dead.

After completing the course, the trainees expressed their great satisfaction from the training and were pleased with the fact that they are now capable of saving lives.
The International Department announced that the course was a success and that the next stage would be training sessions in MDA ambulances, a training that would contribute a lot to the volunteers’ practical knowledge and would lead to saving lives at the Jewish community in Switzerland.