Chanukka 8 Miracles for 8 Days

8 Miracles for 8 Days

Join the Frainds of Magen David Adom Israel in Switzerland and all the friends societies around the world for our 2018 Chanukah Appeal

Over the 8 days of Chanukah we will be sharing with you 8 lifesaving miracle stories from Magen David Adom..

We are aiming to raise funds for training, lifesaving equipment, medical supplies and communications equipment for MDA First Responders

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Eli Bin

Translated interview with DG Eli Bin and the original version as published in Globes newspaper on Wednesday October 4Th.


Eli Bin has not had much time to rest in the past few weeks but he is not complaining and does not forget to thank all of the people who are doing the hard work out in the field: "Each call that is received raises

my adrenaline levels to get out to the scene of action and try to assist our medical teams in their holy work". A special interview with the Director General of Magen David Adom in Israel (MDA).

The mobile phones, the beeper and the wireless two-way radio of the Director General of MDA, Eli Bin do not stop ringing for one moment. At the peak of the stabbing incidences and the terrorist attacks, we joined the Director General of MDA for a routine work day out in the field in an attempt to conduct a calm conversation with him, as far as possible in light of the situation in the country, about the organization which he has headed over the past decade and the challenges that the Israeli national emergency service organization faces.